Why us?

We handle your business' legal issues from start to finish. Since legal issues are often context specific, as your counsel we are better positioned to give relevant advice and strategies because we understand your motivations and constraints . The combination of extensive legal knowledge and business experience makes for a more well-rounded legal counsel as we are, helping your business avoid unnecessary liability while increasing the odds of winning your case.

  •   Investment disputes
  •   Shareholder disputes
  •   Unfair competition
  •   Breach of contract
  •   Debt collection
  •   Business fraud
  •   International trade disputes
  •   International business litigation
  •   Interstate business litigation
  •   IT infringement
  •   E-Commerce disputes
  •   Intellectual property litigation
  •   Copyright Infringement
  •   Patent infringement
  •   Trademark infringement/registration/appeals
  •   False advertising
  •   Trade secret misappropriation
  •   NDA disputes

Businesses are increasingly faced with complex legal issues and challenges in order to maintain and expand their structure. Corporate counsel can make the difference in success or failure for a company in today's business world. In-depth legal knowledge allows successful businesses to swiftly and effectively resolve any obstacles they may face, both immediately and in the long term strategic planning of their companies. Castleton Law Group develops an extensive familiarity with your business, culture and legal needs; and we maintain a long-term relationship, which facilitates effectiveness of our service. Hence, we become an integral part of your management team. The specific general corporate services we provide include but are not limited to:

  •   Corporate legal counsel
  •   Entity formation/merger/dissolution
  •   Business operating and partnership agreements
  •   IP agreements
  •   Employment and consulting agreements
  •   Stock option plans and agreements
  •   Purchase and sales agreements
  •   Employment law litigation
  •   Wrongful termination