Probate litigation can be stressful, especially when involving high risk exposure and unpredictable results. Not only do our attorneys provide specialized, simple yet effective advice and solutions, we also maintain a balancing of sensitivity to family relationships and an aggressive approach to litigation depends on your particular situation.

When losing your loved ones, how do you find the strength to handle their estates and properties as you are going through a period of grieving? Negligence to set up a will or trust will make things even more difficult. Even if there has been a will or trust, the question is, how do you actually execute it? Alzheimer's is becoming a common disease among older generations. Who has the authority to control and manage these seniors' properties fair and square? The law requires all probate and conservatorship cases to be petitioned through the court, which sounds complex as it can be, will be best handled if represented by Castleton Law Group.

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