Castleton Law Group since its inception in 1986, has brought together more than 30 years of rich qualifications, and reputation well-known both overseas and domestic. Our team consists of attorneys who are leading lawyers in their fields of expertise. In addition to rigorous legal training from prestigious law schools, as well as years of practice in professional litigation, our attorneys have made significant achievements in a number of successful cases: defending our corporate client at an intellectual property infringement case, convincing the federal court to order dismissal of case within as short as a few months; representing a defrauded spouse client at the Superior Family Law Court to successfully annul a decade-long marriage; prevailing upon oral argument on behalf of an appeal respondent at the Appellate Court, bringing the judge to uphold the verdict.

With the increase in complexity of litigation in both U.S.A and internationally, Castleton Law Group stands by the motto that by endurance and serenity we conquer. We are more than happy to assist our clients in evaluation and analysis of their case, providing high quality legal advice for those who are facing difficult times during litigation. Most of all, our goal is to make our clients feel at ease when dealing with legal matters in business, civil, family law, and probate/trust issues.

Meet Our Team

Jacob WuAdministration Department

Biola University BA in Psychology; Administrative support; Legal compilation and research

John ChienAdministration Department

California State University BA in International Relations; Administrative support; Legal compilation and research; fluent in Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Frances LewAdministration Department

Taiwan Soochow University BA in Business; Accounting & administration support; Trilingual in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Ryan SauchelliAdministration Department

University of California Irvine PhD; Northeastern University MA; Legal research; Project development and coordination; Media relations

Hanna ChangOffice Manager

California State University Northridge BA in Linguistics; Operation Management and Client Relations; Bilingual Translation and Interpretation; Fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese.

George WenSenior Legal Consultant

National Taiwan University, LL.B.; Senior Legal Consultant; Business and Civil Law faculty; Chief Executive Officer for corporations.


It is truly a pleasure to have Castleton Law Group as my corporate counsel. During the last eight years, their legal expertise has helped my company through many challenges. As a business owner, I find constant need for Castleton Law's skills-in negotiating a lease, selling a business and in particular, labor laws. In the long run, their counsel saves me money and headaches, and helps make my business stronger.

Thomas J.

Castleton Law Group has been our corporate counsel for almost 20 years. They have been part of our team already. They help us with every aspect of the legal issue. Because they know our company really well, it saved us a lot of time and trouble. Whenever there is a legal issue, the first thing we do is to call our attorney.

Topocean Consolidation Services Inc.

My experiences with Castleton Law Group have been wonderful. When problems arise they are right there to figure a way to fix it. Going through a divorce is hard enough with stress, and your ex-spouse playing games. Having these lawyers who are understanding and who are there to help is a blessing.

Christina H. / Los Angeles, California

Castleton Law Group provided me with respect, compassion, and the confidence I needed to get a divorce. I have the highest regard for Castleton Law Group and have already referred a friend.

April H. / Rosemead, California

Before I talked to Mr. Green, I have spoken with many different lawyers. He is definitely one of the best. Instead of just talking jargon like most lawyers, he answered my questions in a way that I could understand. I got the feeling that he actually cared about my issues and wanted to make sure that the situation would work out well.

Ming L. / Taiwan

I had quite a number of questions about divorce and was directed to Ms. Liou by a good friend from school. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all questions I had. Her reply is very fast and she even went as far as to follow up and make sure everything was alright and if I had any other questions.

Susan C. / Arcadia, California

After I got the bad news of my brother passed away, I was in a great grief. My brother didn't have wife or children. I am his only family in the United States. I turned to Castleton Law for help. They explain the situation and the legal process patiently in each step. I felt very assuring. Because my work requires me to spent most of the time abroad, I really need responsible attorney to take care of my brother's estate.

Paul S. / Estate of Shieh

I was so relieved after the probate is over. Besides the emotional hardship towards my father's passing away, I also had financial hardship to pay off the taxes and debt. What's even worse is that my brother has not been cooperating with the sale of the house. Castleton Law is so great. They helped me to deal with my brother and assisted me with the sale of the house. I can't imagine how to handle with everything without them.

Jessie Y / Estate of Yang